freeparks.org is currently a operation in its infancy, and we’re not really looking to build a volunteer network.  There are already plenty of great organizations that could use volunteers.  Check out the suggested links page for ideas.

Eventually, once we’ve generated data for every town in Massachusetts, we’ll need you to access data for your town and verify it–this may require a trip to your local town hall and/or assessor’s office.  Some of our data may be out-of-date by the time it’s generated, and we can’t possibly visit every town hall in the state to verify it.

If our data checks out, then the fun begins.  Check back for petition forms, sample warrant articles, and lesson plans.

If you are looking to get involved at freeparks.org, we are seeking a non-profit lawyer for a little pro-bono advice, as well as educators and conservation activists to help get the word out.  Please contact us at j@freeparks.org for comments or suggestions.


Our ArcGIS license is expiring soon, so we’re also looking to crowdfund the resources required to renew the license for another year–this will allow us to continue generating data for statewide distribution.  If you have any experience fundraising and are willing to offer your advice, feel free to contact us at j@freeparks.org or via our contact page.

A mailing list will be set up in the next couple of weeks.